Kathya K Recommendation

In the last 10 years, I’ve worked with a couple of realtors who lead me to believe they were expert in their knowledge with real estate, the local market and knowledge of the industry and tax laws. Being a novice to buying a piece of property, you tend to put all your trust into the person who’s representing you when making such a big financial obligation. This trust is key to ensuring your success and happiness as a new home owner. Far too often, I hear from friends who are buying homes that they feel ‘pressured’ to make purchase or sell their property for a dollar amount that seems compromising…just to buy (or sell). I’ve been there.

But then, I had the opportunity to work with David Marks. David is unlike any real estate agent and broker in the industry. While this is my own humble opinion, it is critical that I share with other prospective home buyers and sellers just why David can make a difference as your real estate ‘wing man.’ David is solid, a good listener, knowledgeable, honest and personable, does his homework and last but not least, will ensure you’re happy with your decision to either buy or sell a home. It’s easy for an agent to pull up comparable listings on line, but to actually drive out to the other properties to see what is truly out there for comparing purposes is above and beyond the call of duty—and David did just that.

David provided very detailed comparable properties in the neighborhood and explained why our house would sell at a particular price point. He presented other properties in comprehensive packages that showed interior and exterior photos, details and explained why our home would sell quickly for the price he proposed to list. He offered very constructive advice on how he would show the house, what we should do in the meantime to get the home ready for ‘show condition,’ etc. David was very confident that our house—based on his very few recommendations—would sell quickly.

After such an impressive presentation, my husband and I decided to hire him as our agent and after only 6 days on the market and one open house, we had a solid full price offer and sold the house within the first 30 days! Right then and there, I knew we were in good hands. What’s more, we received 2 more solid back up offers if the first fell through for any reason. I firmly believe that because we were convinced by David that having the main part of the house professionally staged made difference (a nominal cost for 30 days that we recouped with the full price offer). We had previously tried to sell this home twice before to no avail (we didn't have our wing man David as our agent at the time), but it was almost shocking at how much interest the open house generated along with David’s dedication.

Communication with your agent is critical. David was available via phone (or text!) at any given time when we had questions. It almost felt like we were his only clients, because of the special attention we received. This makes a BIG difference when you need questions answered quickly!

If you are on the market to purchase or sell a home, I highly recommend David Marks. You won’t be disappointed. My husband and I were so impressed with his services and talent; we wouldn’t consider hiring anyone else!