Alex & Ariel

David is an excellent real estate agent. His positive attitude and real estate expertise helped us navigate the sometimes-overwhelming market in our area. David was always energetic and excited to show us new listings, he emailed us almost daily with new possible homes and was wonderful about answering the flood of emails that we sent him. From the very beginning of our search for a new home, David worked tirelessly to show us countless houses; in the one month of searching he showed us over 50 houses!

David was also extremely helpful in giving us background information on several different neighborhoods in the Seattle area as well as researching comparable sales. He helped us visualize improvements we could make to houses in order to suit our needs such as plumbing changes, room rearrangements and landscape possibilities.

During the end of our search we put in an offer on one home, withdrew it, and then ended up buying the very first house we had looked at. David was very supportive during this process and encouraged us to be sure that we were completely confident in our choice of a home. Even with the birth of his child, which happened right after we put in our offer on our house, he was able to orchestrate the closing of our house and a seamless move in. We are thrilled to have settled in the Maple Leaf Neighborhood in our beautiful home. We will definitely be using David again on our next purchase and will recommend him to all of our friends and family interested in purchasing a home.

- Ariel and Alex Donaldson