Kelly C Recommendation

Letter of recommendation for David Marks

If you are looking for an agent who is on his game and knows a thing or two about customer service, then David Marks is your guy.

To describe what he did to sell the house deserves a little background. Cautionary tale here: It pays to comparison shop while finding a real estate agent. A real estate agent who (I had never met) had been in touch over the past few years when it was a rental called me while I was in the middle of evicting my last tenant.  I was anxious to sell the house and wrap up my landlord tenure. He said that the market was improving in Seattle and that with a little work, we'd be able to get about $319,000 for it. We began renovations in the bathroom, kitchen and of course updated the paint and carpeted the house. When it was finally ready to list, we felt our time and investment would more than warrant a higher listing price. Our perspective agent shot that down, prepared the neighborhood comps, and we resigned ourselves to the prospect that our house would not fetch much in this market.

Fortunately, I took the list of comps and visited each one. I could clearly see the houses were older, smaller and on smaller lots. Something clearly wasn't right. We called the agent and he stuck to his comps, saying that the age of the house and the upgrades it would require meant a lot of work for perspective home buyers and it was a really difficult and competitive market. While this was happening, my wife received an email  from a David Marks who had decided to get back into the real estate business at ReMax Real Estate. He was willing to give us a comparison listing estimate, no charge. With nothing to lose, we thought this would be our best move.

When we met with David a few days later, our jaws nearly dropped as he handed us a recommended list price of $385,000! We also noticed that the list of comps were more in line with the square footage, age, condition and lot size of our home. We immediately listed the house with David, and we let our first perspective agent know that he would not be listing our home with him. You would think he might fight a little harder to gain our business, but we never heard from him again!

Now that David listed the house, his sharp customer service skills kicked in. He recommended staging and although we were hesitant to move forward, we took his recommendation and had the home professionally staged. Here is where David shined though: Rather than give us the phone number of stagers and have us do all the work, he called stagers on our behalf and prepared estimates for us. As busy professionals, this saved us a lot of time.  Due to the age of the home, I asked David if he thought having the home pre-inspected was a good idea. David agreed, and then again, he made the calls to inspectors, got the estimates and saved us the time and hassle of coordinating with the inspector. David coordinated everything.

After listing the house on August 2nd, David had an open house on August 4th, and we were presented with our first offer on August 6th! We negotiated and took the recommendations David made and ended up selling the house at full list price! We couldn't be more thrilled with the experience David offered on this journey. If you are looking for a agent who will conduct himself like a professional, make the phone calls for you,  and generally do all the little things on your behalf, then David Marks is your agent of choice. I don't think you'll have a better experience selling or buying a home and I wholeheartedly recommend David Marks as your real estate agent.